Would you like to know a little wedding secret?

I have learned quite a bit as a busy Cork Wedding Photographer and I’d like to share a little insight.

You will spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than anyone else.  So I believe that whomever you book, make sure it is someone with whom you will feel really comfortable. Someone who will make everything feel relaxed and fun, who will be there but not be there, unobtrusive.  A photographer’s style, affordability, experience, etc. are all very important too. But make sure at the end of the day that you will enjoy the whole experience. So, if I may suggest, please take a look through my galleries and for sure read through all my Testimonials. Then, if you are getting a positive feeling about me, kindly contact me. From there we will see if I fit to you because if we click together that’s where the magic happens.

This is your day, it is personal and unique to you, I am merely a passenger on your special journey. But I want you to enjoy every moment and the more relaxed you are the more natural and happy your images will be. 

A more formal description of my work would be that my style is a combination of documentary wedding photography, natural unposed portraiture and an editorial approach to details and design.  In regular words, it means I like to capture as many natural images as I can. I have a gentle, unpushy approach and I make sure to take as many keep-sake memories of the details of your day as possible. This Cork Wedding Photographer loves what she does too much to leave any memory behind.

As I like to say to all my couples, wedding memories are priceless, so make sure to invest wisely.


Documentary Style Wedding Photography Documentary Style Wedding Photography